Our Fees

Duane Portway Family Law, like most law firms, charges on an hourly basis.  Our fee structure is detailed in our ‘Costs Agreement’ which will be given to you following your first meeting.

It is important to keep in mind that superior family law representation, like most quality professional services is not cheap.  Depending upon how both you and your former partner decide to respond, matters between you may be resolved cost effectively and with all the parties assured that the outcome achieved is fair.

The cost of your separation will in many ways therefore be up to you ...

Just as there is a process when couples marry, there is a process that you go through when you separate. If you (and your former partner) make a commitment to deal sensibly and reasonably with that process, then neither the separation experience nor your respective legal costs need be excessive.

Remember that your family lawyer is ‘on the clock’ ...

The time invested in your case is reflected in the level of legal fees you will incur.
Providing information to your lawyer that is relevant and to the point will help keep your costs down. Adopting the approach of reasonable compromise may also assist in settling your matter quickly.

What you think is fair and reasonable is not necessarily what the Court will think ...

The family law system is driven by fairness.  The Court does not set out to punish or blame and conversely will apply a series of clear and well known principles in order to deliver an outcome.  The Court will look for a middle of the road solution, so it makes sense if you want to save money to keep that in mind.